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PT2012.b PumpTester


Inline and Distributor Type Pump Test Bench

Powerful and Reliable Test Bench ever made. 20 HP Drive Motor with 160 N torque, 1.5 kg.m2 Inertia flywheel provides a smooth and stable run while 110 mm Diameter coupling transfers the torque needed to the pump.

Rich Adapter and Accessory set included in the Package...

PT2012.b is delivered with test injectors, test lines, adapter flanges and brackets for Bosch (VE, VA, MW, P, H types), Lucas (DPC, DPA, Minimec), Denso mechanical pumps.

Optional Lube Transfer System

Lube Oil Transfer System can provide lube oil transfer up to 10 bars.

Caterpillar Accessories Available

PT2012.b has a rich selection of couplings, flange adapters and brackets for testing Caterpillar, Sleeve, Scroll type earlier mechanical pump types.

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