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T6000 TestCenter


TestCenter to test All Makes All Types Both Common Rail and EUI

TestCenter is designed for multipurpose use to cover testing Common Rail Injectors, Pumps and Electronic Unit Injector and Pumps.

Sophisticated Test Sequence creates Effective and Accurate Testing

Testing Multiple injectors with accuracy and in a short time period is not an easy task. T6000 has multiple measuring units, and multiple injector drives to save time and shorten the test time. Bosch Piezo testing is one of the longest tests due to ISA Level Check, but T6000 can finish testing 6 CRI3.20 type injectors is less than 30 min.

Testing Multiple Double Solenoid Common Rail Injectors

T6000 is a test bench that can test 6 Hydraulic Intensified injectors at the same time.

Shortest Test Time with Multi Flowmeter

T6000 has multiple flowmeters to measure flow of injectors to complete test as fast as possible.

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