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T6000 TestCenter


TestCenter to test All Makes All Types Both Common Rail and EUI

TestCenter is designed for multipurpose use to cover testing Common Rail Injectors, Pumps and Electronic Unit Injector and Pumps.

Adjustable Cam Stroke without touching the Cam!

Patented design for setting cam stroke by just releasing some screws and turning a knob in about 15 seconds. UTS1004 can set its cam stroke between 10 and 18 mm.

2 Solenoid EUI Testing with 2 Solenoid Drive...

UTS1004 drives 2 solenoid unit injectors (Delphi E3; Smart Injector/Pump; F2 & Caterpillar C15-C18) with the necessary drive signals making sure to apply the identical phase differences to create similar load on the plunger and to create the similar inner pressure in the injector. The flow measured in UTS1004 therefore is identical to original engine performance.

BIP & NRT Measurement together

NRT i.e Nozzle Response Time is measured with the sensor on the adapter. BIP on the other hand is measured by injector drive and used for applying the correct signal to the injector. Both values are important for determining the performance of the injector.

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