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TK1024 Injectester HEUI


Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector Testing

TK1024 is a test bench for rebuilding operation, designed for continuous testing and quick change over adapter design.

Automatic High Pressure Control

Automatic High Pressure control brings testing time to minimum and increases repeatability.

Testing Continental Navistar and Powerstroke Type HEUI Injectors

TK1024 injector drive is capable to drive Continental's Double Solenoid HEUI injectors. Accurate NRT measurement allows to detect sticky spool valve issues.

BIP and NRT Measurement

TK1024 measures BIP value and NRT value accurately to determine Solenoid and Intensifier piston condition and operation. TK1024 is the only Test Bench that can measure BIP and NRT of a HEUI injector together.

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