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TK1026 Injectester CRb


All Makes Common Rail Injector Test Bench

Economical and efficient common rail injector test bench. Fast and accurate results to determine injectors' condition.

Easy Clamping and Intuitive Mounting

Universal robotic clamping takes all various adapter needs away and makes injector mounting simple.

Testing at 2500 bar

TK1026 pump and rail design capable to run injectors at 2500 bar, allowing to test latest BOSCH, Cummins XPI, Denso CR Injectors.

Testing CRIN with Double Solenoid (Hydraulic Intensified)?

TK1026 injector drive system is capable to drive Hydraulic Intensified CR Injector's intensifier solenoid and nozzle solenoid with phase difference to control flow shape and quantity. Therefore any wear on intensifier control valve or element easily detected from flow amount.

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