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TK1029 Injectester CRH


All Size and All Makes Common Rail Injector Test Bench

Heavy Duty injector Tester means, TK1029 can test injectors of engines with more than 4000 HP.

Various Metering Options Are Available

TK1029 can be delivered with Gear Type, Coriolis or PD type flow meters; where Gear Type is recommended for Heavy Duty applications and Coriolis and PD are 2 options for Road vehicle applications. On road applications are especially requires high precision due to coding requirements.

Connected Control Application...

Control Application is self updating, and receiving all test plans from Maktest Servers in the cloud. Software always keeps itself updated where user can purchase plans online within the application.

Configurable for R&D Purposes

TK1029 is often configured for R&D purposes for durability test, or measuring flow characteristics with Introduction Rate Measuring System.

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