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Precision Tooling & Repeatability

diesel injector repair

Precision Tools with highly repeatable measurements with ± 2 µ, allows successful assemblies at each time.

Below tool sets are available for Computer Aided Assembly:

  • Common Rail : Bosch Tool Set - CRI - CRIN 1.x, 2.x, 3.x

  • Common Rail : Denso Tool Set - G2-G2s, G3

  • Common Rail : L'Orange Tool Set for MTU4000 Injectors

  • HEUI : Caterpillar C7- C9 Tool Set

  • HEUI : Caterpillar 3126 Series, Ford PowerStroke, Navistar Tools Set

  • EUI : Caterpillar C15-C13 Tool Set

precisi tools

Force Control Module & Precision Spring Tension Setting

Force Control Module can measure the compressed length of the spring under the specified target force.

diesel injector repair

A4000 Measures all components under the force that is equal to as assembled into the injector. 

Force Control Module provides precision and repeatability.

force control

Multiple Injector Assembly

A4000 can assemble up to 6 injectors together...

A4000 comes with a stand that can hold 6 injector for assembly.

diesel injector repair
multiple inj assy

Online Instructions

A4000 Software helps user at each step with detailed instructions supported with video and photos.

diesel injector repair

User can follow each injector's assembly status independently.
Assembly can continue for one injector and wait for shims for another injector. 

Efficient assembly without trial and error...

online help

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