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Electronic Unit Injector and Pump Test Benches

UTS1004 Unit Injector & Pump Test Bench

Universal Electronic Unit Injector and Pump Test Bench with capabilities to test:
Cummins HPI (ISX 15)
Cummins C-Elect
Caterpillar C15 Double Solenoid / 4 pins
Delphi E3 Double Solenoid / 4 Pins, Detroit Diesel, Hyundai and Volvo Engines.

U1000 Cam Box for Testing for Testing Unit Injectors & Pumps

Universal Cam Box for Testing Electronic Unit Injectors and Pumps

T6000 Multifunctional Diesel Injection System Tester

Diesel Injector Test Center to Test:
Simultaneously 6 Common Rail Injectors
Common Rail Pump, optional
Electronic Unit Injector and Pump, optional

TK1022 Poptester for Electronic Injectors

Injector Tester with Built-in Common Rail Injector Drive to test:
Mechanical Injectors
Common Rail Injectors
EUI & HEUI with special adapters

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