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Test Equipment

Common Rail Injector Test Benches

See the most extensive selection of test benches for testing all makes all models Common Rail Injectors in the range varying from passenger cars to Heavy Duty machinery.

Common Rail Pump Test Benches

Check out Maktest's powerful and accurate test bench collection for testing all makes CR pumps including Bosch CP4's, Caterpillar C4, C6, C9.3 and Denso HP0's...

Electronic Unit Pump and Injector Test Benches

See various options for affordably testing EUI's and EUP's all all makes and models.

Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector Test Benches

TK1024 is the test bench for testing all makes and models HEUI's. It can test Caterpillar C7, C9 and Navistar Maxxforce, Ford Powerstroke injectors with engine like signals and controls. Measure BIP and NRT to see if poppet valve is operating as it should or it is sticking to delay response.

Mechanical Pump test Benches

See the list of Pump test benches for testing mechanical and rotary diesel injection pumps.

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