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Caterpillar 3126 injector

100-3216 Caterpillar 3126 Unit Injector Repair Set 36 pcs

SKU: 100-3126
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The 100-3126 Caterpillar 3126 Unit Injector Repair Set is a comprehensive kit containing 36 poppet valves in three different sizes, along with all the necessary tools for the successful replacement of the Caterpillar 3126 Unit Injector poppet valve. This set is designed to provide everything needed to repair and restore the performance of the injector, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity. With high-quality components and precision engineering, this repair set is a must-have for anyone in the diesel injector spare parts and tool sales industry. Whether you are a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this set is a reliable and cost-effective solution for maintaining and repairing Caterpillar 3126 Unit Injectors. Don't let injector issues slow you down - invest in the 100-3126 Caterpillar 3126 Unit Injector Repair Set and keep your equipment running smoothly.

  • Oversize Poppet Valves

    Diameter (µ) Length (µ) Qty
    +10 +50 12
    +15 +50 12
    +15 +75 12


  • Tools Included in the Set

    Tool No Description Qty
    120-3412-1 External Honing -Finish 1
    120-3412-2 Internal Honing 1
    120-3412-3 External Honing-Coarse 1
    120-3412-4 External Honing-Finish 1
    120-3412-9 External Honing Ultra Coarse 1


  • Seat Cutter

    Seat Cutter is a carbide tool and needs to be mounted to a Bench Drill to use. It can not be used by hand.

    A suitable Tool Holder is also included in this Reapir Set.

  • Stroke Setter

    120-3412-10 Cat 3412 HEUI Stroke Setter is included in this Repair set. It is used mounting on one the repair tool handles.

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