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cat 3412 HEUI Poppet Valve oversize

100-3412-1 Cat 3412 HEUI Poppet Valve Oversize

SKU: 100-3412-6
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Introducing the 100-3412-1, a new poppet valve designed specifically for repairing Caterpillar 3412 HEUI injectors. This high-quality Cat 3412 HEUI Poppet Valves features an oversize diameter and overall length to compensate for dimension changes during the repair process, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Be sure to check out our tool set and adjustment shim sets as well to complete your diesel injector repair toolkit. Trust the 100-3412-1 for reliable and durable performance in any diesel injector repair job.

Always make sure to use the best quality caterpillar 3412 spare parts for HEUI injectors, use 100-3412-1.

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