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KO2039 F2 Adapter Kit

KO2039 F2 Adapter Kit

SKU: KO2039
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F2 Adapter Kit for Volvo Delphi Distributed Common Rail System. 

Adapter Kit includes:

  • 1pc Adapter for Non Pumping Unit Injector
  • 1pc Adapter for Pumping Unit Injector
  • 1pc Rail assembly with all hydraulic and electrical connections to control rail pressure and flow measurement.


Cross References:

Non Pumping Unit Injector References:

22311990, BEBJ1F10201, BEBJ1F10201, 22282199, BEBJ1F06101


Pumping Unit Injectors:

33800-84300, 22378580, BEBE1R14101, 



VOLVO D11, D13, RENAULT, RVI, C440; C460; C520; FH460; FM420; FM460; FM500;
FMX420; FMX460; FMX500; FMX540; K440; K480; K520; T440; T480; T520 D13K, DTi13, B11R


    Mod Class 04-A and onwards. Earlier models of 04-A 's may need firmware and software upgrade. Consult us with the serial number of your test bench to verify.

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