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PT2012.cre Pump Test Bench with Common Rail Pump Test

Integrated Common Rail Pump Testing

PT2012.CRe has built in common rail pump testing feature. Standard accessories include testing most common Bosch, Delphi Denso, Cummins Caterpillar Common rail pumps.
PT2012.CRe has unique common rail pump testing procedure that includes graphing flow characteristics and high pressure durability tests

Safety Cabinet that can be removed and configured.

PT2012.CRe's safety cabinet for testing common rail pumps is easily set up for either right hand side or left hand side positioning. User has an option to set up the safety cabinet according his test bench and workshop layout.

Powerful Drive with 12 cylinder testing capacity

20 HP Drive provides enough torque to drive pumps with up to 400 mm3/str delivery. Dual metering units updates metering results in approximately every 3 sec with precision.
Control Software allows users to create their own test plans.

Lube Oil System is standard

PT2012.CRe can supply lube oil adjustable between 0 and 10 bar.

Drive System

  • 20 HP Direct Drive AC Motor with Electronic Speed Control

Speed Range

  • 40 - 4000 rpm.


  • 1.5 kgm2

Test Oil Supply Pressure

  • Manually adjustable between 0 and 4 bar (60 psi),

  • Digital pressure reading displayed on Control Software between -1 and 4 bar

Suction Control

  • Sealing valve integrated to Test Oil Pressure regulator, allowing to measure suction capacity of the injection pump. Test Oil Supply display on the Control Software shows the vacuum measurement.

Test Oil Tank Capacity

  • 50 L.

Cooling System

  • Water cooled

Phasing System

  • High Pressure, 60 bar. Dial Indicator on the flywheel.

Pump Housing Pressure Gauge

  • Additional Pressure Sensor for measuring cam box pressure up to 6 bar, the reading is displayed on Control Software.

  • Connection to Auxiliary Pressure Sensor is at the facia.

  • Connection hose and connection fittings included in the Standard Accessory Set.

Air Pressure Supply for Air Operated Governors

  • Pressure regulator to set air pressure between 0 to 2.5 bar is on the test bench facia.

  • Analog pressure gauge is on the test bench facia.

Common Rail Pump Controls

Utility Requirement

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