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TK1022 Poptester for Electronic Injectors

Pop Tester Revolutionized

TK1022 is a multifunctional pop tester, with built-in common rail injector driver and advanced pressure controls.
It is a must to have test equipment to detect:
- Blocked Nozzles,
- Blocked, not delivering common rail injectors,
- Leaking nozzles,
- High Return common rail injector injectors,
before wasting time to mount them on Injector Test Bench.

Advanced Pressure Controls integrated with Injector Driver

When testing a Common Rail Injector for nozzle leaks, TK1022 lets us to set a minimum pressure start injection. Therefore injector charged with high pressure is not driven until the target minimum pressure is reached. It injects only if more pressure is applied through the handle.
TK1022 allow us clearly to see if the nozzle is sealing well enough to keep the charged pressure from leaking at the nozzle.
Similarly, Setting a maximum pressure limit, stops the injector from firing above the set target. Therefore TK1022 also allows us to see if the nozzle is leaking after injection if the charged pressure increases.

Ventilated Spray Chamber and Fast Clamping to observe spray pattern

TK1022 has a Ventilated spray chamber that has a duct connection to exhaust the fume to outside of the working environment.
Illuminated spray chamber makes it easy to observe the spray pattern and see if nozzle holes are clean and spray is uniform.

Adapters for Pop Testing EUI and HEUI are available

Maktest offers adapters to test injector side of EUI's and HEUI's to be spray tested before assembled onto their bodies. Contact us for EUI and HEUI adapter set.

Utility Requirement

Single Phase 110 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.


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