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TK1029 Common Rail Injector Test Bench with Introduction Rate

Introduction Rate means monitoring the "Flow Shape" for each actual injection

Diesel Engine's main difference is how it creates the power burning the fuel injected by compression that is increasing the in the temperature in the combustion chamber. It requires the injection rate to be in a certain pattern and in certain duration. Its timing with respect to applied signal to the injector also plays a significant role for controlling the quality of the burning which effects the emission.

Introduction Rate Measuring System accurately gives all the data to determine how the mass of the injected fuel is transferred into combustion chamber.

Heavy Duty Injectors and Introduction Rate Measurement System

Introduction Rate Measurement system can be configured to measure injection rates up to 2000 mm3/stroke.

Fast Injector Change Over

Introduction rate measuring system requires the injector to run with actual combustion pressure. Therefore the clamping force on the injector becomes important that makes the mounting more complicated.

TK1029 clamping design allows to clap the injector with single clamping screw that is able to apply the clamping force equal to engine assembly specifications.

15" Screen separate display for Introduction Rate Analysis

TestCenter software controls the test bench operations and Introduction Rate readings are displayed on a separate 15" display. Introduction rate measurement allows user to measure timing positions of start of delivery, end of hydraulic transient stage, start of flow decay and end of flow with respect to applied signal.
Introduction Rate Measurement System provides minimum 4 additional parameters in addition to flow reading.

High Pressure System

Metering System

Introduction Rate

Injector Drive

Utility Requirement


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