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TK1035 Common Rail Pump Test bench

Fast and Accurate Common Rail Pump Testing

TK1035 is designed to test all makes all models common rail pumps:
Bosch: CP1-CP2-CP3-CP4
Denso: HP0-HP3-HP4
Delphi: All Generations
Caterpillar: C4 - C6 - C9.3
Cummins: XPI

Testing Caterpillar Common Rail Pumps

Caterpillar C4 and C6 Common Rail Pumps are designed to run in sync with plunger position to control delivery amount. Timing Control requires precise reading of the timing gear built in the pump, and the actuator is driven with a injector like signal.
TK1035 is capable drive 2 injector-like actuators that allows to test C9.3 pump as well as well single actuator types such as C4 and C6 pumps.

20 HP Drive to test up to 2000 mm3/rev at 2000 bar delivery

TK1035's 20 Hp Direct Drive system provides enough torque to drive pumps up to 2000 mm3/rev delivery at 2000 bar rail pressure.

Bosch CP4 Testing with special air bleed step

Bosch CP4's have a unique issue with plunger seizures due to its roller design. The same design issue creates delivery problems and seizure issues during testing after rebuilding.
Maktest has developed a air bleeding and flushing step to eliminate this risk during test after rebuilding.

Drive System

Hydraulic System

Metering System

Pump Controls

Injector-Like Controls

Utility Requirement


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